March 21, 2018


SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS is a dream laid down by a group of Indian Ex-Defence Officers. Under this incomparable leadership, the company has proved itself a market leader in all its service portfolios. The company is able to utilize its resources well in coordination with the latest technology to give an edge to its service delivery and achievement of client satisfaction.

The company has gained an experience to deliver in adverse and undesirable conditions all the time and is ready to take any challenge in future. Its strength lies in its employees who have always given their heart and soul for the growth of the company.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS is a dynamic group who has always maintained quality in the delivery of its services. We are 24*7 accessible to our clients and the achievement of their satisfaction is our prime goal. Currently, the company has employed more than 400 employees in all states of North India and is rapidly growing to serve the society in all its forms.