May 19, 2018


Aspirating smoke detectors operate by drawing air in through a network of pipes with holes strategically placed within them to allow air to be drawn through the pipe network. The pipes are connected to an aspirating device which houses a smoke detector that samples the air drawn through the pipe network for smoke particles.

Suitable applications for Aspirating Systems are:   

Data or Comms Rooms – where very early detection of smoke is required to indicate potential problems with critical data servers.

High Level Warehouses – where warehouse heights make standard smoke detectors inoperable or maintenance of those detectors is not practical.

Cold Stores – where standard smoke detection would corrode or give false alarms due to water ingress.

Waste Sites – where dust particles would set off standard detectors or dirt may make them inoperable.

Private Houses – where discreet smoke detection is required.

FAAST Systems
Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) is at the forefront of safety equipment, providing advanced fire detection for all businesses.

As authorized distributors and design partners of FAAST systems by Notifier, SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS is expertly placed to provide installation and maintenance of these specialized smoke detection components to premises throughout INDIA.

Intelligent FAAST equipment integrates directly with Notifier systems, helping to reduce installation time and allowing for simpler upkeep.


VESDA Systems
SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS provides high quality VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) as part of our aspirating systems range, offering sensitive and accurate fire detection for all businesses.

Our team are available to install VESDA systems, developed by industry leader Xtralis as one of the first air sampling-based detectors available commercially. Our expertise ensures highly effective smoke detection throughout your premises, utilising VESDA systems.


Stratos Systems
SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS fire safety equipment range includes aspirating detectors from the Stratos range.

The technology present in Stratos systems is renowned for providing highly sensitive smoke detection even in dusty and dirty places, making them ideal for factory premises and construction environments.

The experienced team at SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONSare on hand to provide advice and assistance as to how these high quality components can benefit your fire safety setup, supplying and installing systems throughout INDIA.


Wagner Systems
Our range of aspirating smoke detection systems also provides Wagner products, utilising air sampling technology to identify the presence of fire within a commercial property.
Available for installation and upkeep of Wagner systems, the experts at SECURE INDIA can provide advice as to the aspirating detection components most suited to your needs, whether your business operates within the retail and hospitality industries or construction, transportation and facilities management fields.