May 19, 2018


While you may have a number of trained fire wardens on site during the day, if a fire breaks out after hours in an unattended workplace, who will react to a triggered alarm?

That’s where RedCARE monitoring comes in. Added as an extra component to your fire alarm system, RedCARE sends an alert to a designated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via both landline and mobile networks as soon as your fire alarm system operates.

When a fire alarm is triggered, whether as a result of arson or an accidental fire, the ARC is informed immediately, allowing for emergency services to be contacted if required. This ensures that the fire brigade attends at the earliest opportunity, ensuring fire damage is kept to a minimum – essential for business continuity.

The experts at SECURE INDIA are on hand to carry out installation of RedCARE monitoring at commercial premises throughout India. Despite being a BT product, the landline used does not have to be a BT one, offering flexibility and allowing for RedCARE to be easily added to your existing system.