May 19, 2018


Wireless fire alarms (sometimes referred to as ‘radio fire alarms’) offer a wide range of benefits for all types of premises, particularly those where running cables throughout the premises is impractical or not wanted for aesthetic reasons. With innovative technology allowing for radio frequencies to control all detectors, call points and sounders from a central control panel, installation time is greatly reduced.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS supply, install and maintain a number of wireless fire alarm systems, making fire safety easier and more proficient. All of our wireless alarms are EN54-25 compliant, guaranteeing high quality and performance.

Our expert team are available to carry out full design and installation, making sure that you have the most appropriate system for your building’s requirements. Not only does this ensure the safety of staff and visitors in the event of a fire, it also keeps your business in full compliance with all legal regulations.