May 19, 2018


Fire extinguishers have a finite lifespan, and must be checked and replaced at regular intervals. The extinguishing agents inside can corrode the casing, causing some units to become unsafe or inoperable.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS  is expert when it comes to quick and efficient fire extinguisher replacement, but what about when it comes to disposing of your old extinguishers?

Disposing of your fire extinguisher correctly is not only a safety issue, it’s also a legal one, and units should never be thrown away with general waste or in a skip. Due to the potentially toxic makeup of extinguishing materials, care must be taken to follow regulations, and the team at SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS can take this task off your hands with safe and secure fire extinguisher disposal services.

Whether water, CO2, wet chemical, dry powder or foam, we’re on hand to come directly to your business, removing your old and expired units and disposing of them in the correct manner.