May 19, 2018


SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS is leading providers of fire extinguisher provision throughout INDIA , installing and maintaining units for use in all environments.

It may be that you only need a fire extinguishers on a temporary basis, such as at an outdoor event that requires a certain standard of fire safety by law. Whether a music concert, summer fair or sporting event, if there are going to be crowds in attendance then a full fire risk assessments and correct safety equipment must be in place, as specified by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS supply a wide range of extinguishers of varying types and sizes for temporary events, determining your needs through a fire risk assessment to ensure that your visitors are safe and that you remain in compliance with all regulations. The risk assessment will identify the potential fuels that might be present at the event, and will allow our teams to provide the correct extinguisher type accordingly.