May 19, 2018


As stipulated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, every commercial premises must have a full fire risk assessment carried out at regular intervals in order to identify and eradicate any potential fire hazards in the workplace.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS  have adopted and are fully trained in Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology, issued by the Government of India , so you can be assured that the assessment you receive from us is fully compliant with current fire safety legislation.

Ensuring that this assessment is performed by a ‘competent’ person is important, both for the safety of your staff and for legislative compliance. All our fire risk assessors have real industry experience, gleaned from years of service within the fire brigade, ensuring your fire risk assessment is both compliant and practical in terms of applying fire safety practices to your workplace. SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS is the leading providers of thorough and compliant fire risk assessments to any type of premises, from schools, offices, flats, new builds and anywhere that provides sleeping accommodation.

Our experienced and qualified team can advise as to any remedial action that may be required by law, providing training where needed.