May 19, 2018


As an essential part of fire safety in larger buildings, dry and wet risers are fixed systems used by firefighters to transport water throughout a premises in the event of a fire.

Dry riser systems
These are generally found in properties over 18m tall, and essentially consist of a network of pipes that allow for water to be delivered to upper floors if a fire should break out in these areas. Usually positioned in a staircase, they feature an inlet at ground level that can be used by emergency services to pump water up the building to an outlet at each landing on the upper floors. The fire brigade can then attach a firefighting hose to the outlet and tackle the fire.

Wet riser systems
These are typically found in taller buildings, usually over 50m tall. For this reason, they are constantly kept charged with water, so as to be able to provide the same level of protection against a fire in the upper reaches of taller properties.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS repair and maintain dry and wet riser systems at premises throughout India . We have a bespoke testing vehicle which carries a Godiva Fire Service Pump, enabling us to fully test and comply with the new Indian Standards for the testing of dry rising mains at 12 Bar pressure. Our riser testing engineers all have extensive industry experience, serving many years within the fire service, so you can be assured your risers are being tested by competent personnel.