March 21, 2018



We have witnessed a lot of marriages which were committed without adequate background checks about the prospective bride and bridegroom and lead to unhappy married lives or divorces. So, to avoid that scenario of embarrassment SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS  is providing the specialized Pre- Matrimonial Investigation which covers the following aspects like character verification, habits (drinking, smoking, temperamental issues, etc), family status, social status, financial credibility, past marriage records, education details, employment details, and so on.


Marriages sometimes develop problems due to the suspected activities of one’s life partner. It is advisable to be properly aware about the facts rather than to live in a stressed relationship or to end up it with the divorce.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS gather information on one’s partner, their background, honesty or commitment. We expose the truth and come up with a much clearer picture enabling you to make a stable and feasible decision.



Love Affair Investigation offered by SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS help our clients to check the love affair and loyalty of their partner and kids professionally. We offer investigation services as per the requirements of our clients. We check all the movements of the suspect, even when they are out for shopping or for any other purposes. Our investigators also check the habits, conduct, character and loyalty of the suspect. We have a professional team of male and female investigators to undertake these tasks of    love affair investigations.



SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS frame a surveillance strategy that will achieve optimum results. We frame a team of the required number of Private Investigators to follow the individual at their place of work, appointments, holidays, social events, shopping, etc. to observe day-to-day activities. We utilize the highly sophisticated technical equipment to support our surveillance assignments and to get the every possible evidence.


SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS has a specialized service for missing person investigations. We have a complete network of sources in all the concerning agencies involved in the working of locating the missing persons. The cases for the missing person is rapidly increasing day by day throughout the country and it has become very much necessary to choose the most reliable and professional detective company for this task. Eagle 4SS Detectives and Investigation is also backed by a highly sophisticated technical support for locating the missing persons.

SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS can provide you with efficient and quick result oriented assistance in these matters like family disputes for the property and asset possessions, divorce and alimony cases and may be any other civil case. We can help you to gain all the valuable information with evidences to gain an upper hand in the court.


Teen years are the most important and foundation building years of one’s life. With the services of SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS you will come to know the answers of all your doubts about your teens so that you can design a reliable framework for your teen’s bright and successful future.  SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS will answer you that

  • Where is your teen going?
  • Whom your teen meets?
  • Which is your teen’s friend circle?
  • What are your teen’s online activities?
  • What are your teen’s social activities?
  • What are your teen’s mobile activities?
  • What are your teen’s daily life activities?
  • Is your teen drug addict?
  • Is your teen hiding something from you?

The court decides the child custody and maintenance by considering a lot of facts and figures. SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS helps you to find and address those facts which can make your case eligible to win before the court. We have a professional team to understand your case and make you be able to get you an upper hand in the court. We only generate the report based on the facts with evidences that will stand before the court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Repetitive undesired phone calls and threatening e-mail messages are all classified under the category of harassment, and the most common of which is telephonic harassment.
SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS provides a safe and convenient environment for the victims of telephonic harassment to get them out of this inconvenience and expose the person behind this undesirable act. Telephonic harassment is a punishable offence by a fine, imprisonment or both.