March 21, 2018


SECURE INDIA INFINITY SOLUTIONS conducts a highly mechanized Security Audit with all the latest security technologies to come out with an effective Security SOP as it is an important document to validate the security environment of any organization if it is followed with zero compromise. So we also focus on the designing of an effective security policy and communicate it to the management and the employees for its successful implementation. If security practices are informal and not well documented or not well communicated, they may not be properly understood and followed by all employees in the organization. Our security audit measures the effectiveness of the security policy and recommends the best solution to plug the loopholes. Our expert team works with the clients to clearly spell at the scope of the audit which is well understood and agreed to by the clients. Our security audit framework focuses on the following factors:-

  • Budget of the client
  • Detailed study Current Physical and Electronic Security System
  • Evaluation of current system of Audit parameters.
  • Detailed report on errors or loopholes in current security plan
  • Audit report for an ideal and full proof security
  • Second Audit report for a most efficient security system that suits the budget of client.
  • Formulation of Security SOP
  • Process of implementation of findings of Security Audit and Security SOP
  • Review and Feedback
  • Final improvisation session (if required)